ElectroSocial (2019)



Through the generous support of The City of Sydney, on the 23rd of November, 17 local and international artists and collectives performed, presented and exhibited tech-based art at Fringe HQ art in the heart of Sydney. The evening kicked off with a performance by Sydney locals Deprogram who wore vision-recording goggles and created an incredible fusion of vision and sound. Next up, Melbourne/Naarm collective Mood Ring stunned our audience with a dramatic and emotional VJ/music performance. We were then lucky enough to have a solo performance from Toy Death's front man Nick Wishart who created an incredible soundscape from gadget he designed that was the size of a cricket ball. Finally, Toy Death rocked our worlds playing heavy metal using their signature circuit bending technique.

Promotional Artwork by Nicole Ruggiero

'ElectroSocial' Trailer. Sound by Mood Ring

Featuring –

Toydeath // Andrew Christie // Andriana Carney //
Baron Lanteigne // Daniel Press // Deprogram //
Harry Klein // Jessica Goehring // Mood Ring //
Sandra Araújo // Sandrine Deumier // Sophie Trudeau // Michaela Grill // Tara Youngborg // EJ Son // Edison Chen // Evan Meaney // Sharing Turtle //

Photo credit: Ben Adorjani