Love Song Dedications (2017)

Exhibited as part of Persona at Scratch Space, Sydney (2017)

Exhibited as part of, Midsummer Festival, Victoria (2018)

Love song Dedications explores online fixations of users we interact with within an online setting. Through manipulated profile pictures, over analysed chat conversations and suggestive captions, online fixations or “crushes” are easily fictionalised and, therefore are difficult to ignore. In Love Song Dedications, Formby has created her online crushes as characters via Sims, which she serenades with pop songs from the early 2000s.


The users Formby has chosen are ones she has not communicated with IRL. By constructing playful interactions, Formby is exploring feminine fixations and how these differ from the typical male gaze. Tenderness, curiosity, and longing for romantic connection are pushed to the forefront.