Undergarments (2017)


Undergarments focused on the intimacies of gender, sexuality and, comparatively, the performative identities we construct for ourselves in the Postinternet era. 


This show was comprised of international and Australian artists, working with video, installation, sculpture and 2D processes.  Collectively, their diverse cultural experiences and inter-generational perspectives provide insightful commentary on the current digital age. 


Undergarments aimed to unpack the power dynamics that propagate today, doing so with both subtle and direct gestures. Undergarments explored the politics of cloth, the post-porn revival and the dialogue that encompasses our gendered bodies.

Catalogue Essays

Brave New Girls by Elyse Goldfinch

Let Cyberspace and Meatspace Join by Bethan Cotterill

Undergarments was curated by ellen.gif & Andriana Carney at 107 Projects, Sydney